Life insurance was established to provide funds upon death.

Reasons to consider life insurance.

  • Replace lost income
  • Final expenses
  • Pay off debt (mortgage, loans & lines of credits etc.)
  • Inheritance
  • Charitable Contributions
  • Source of savings

At AJ Insurance Services, we feel that it is your ‘right’ to know and understand how life insurance works and how and if it will help meet your needs now and in the future. Not only is it your right, we feel it is also your ‘responsibility’, especially if others are depending on you financially.

Purchasing life insurance can be extremely complex. There is a huge array of products available on the market today and having sound advise from a licensed insurance advisor, is invaluable.

An advisor is licensed and trained to help individuals first establish a need. Everyone’s needs are different and the reasons for owning life insurance are as vast as there are people.

Types of Life Insurance Plans Available

There are basically three different types of insurance plans available: Term, Whole Life and Universal Life. Though there are many different variations available, most insurance companies will off these three types. Below is a brief explanation of each of them.