How do I remain financially protected following a disability or illness?

It is important that we protect our most valuable asset, our ability to work. How long could you survive without a paycheck? Protecting our income during life is just as necessary as protecting our finances at death. Many of us depend on our companies’ group insurance to carry us through these difficult times, but many more fail to realize that this reduced income is both limited in time and value. It is important to supplement these plans with personally owned living benefit products.

It’s important for everyone to see the bigger picture. If you are stricken with a disability/illness that keeps you from work, you are most likely going to incur additional costs involved with recovery. Private/Semi private hospitalization, childcare, home care, special treatments, prescription drugs, surgery…the list goes on. How do you plan on paying for all these necessities on a partial income? We can help.

Types of Living Benefit Plans Available

AJ Insurance Services Ltd. provides a variety of valuable solutions to aide you in times of physical and financial hardships. These products offer freedom from the financial setbacks of a disability/illness and allow you and your loved ones to concentrate on health and recovery. Below are a few of the valuable types of living benefits available to our clients.